Emperor (q.v.) in the East from 395-408. He and his brother Honorios (q.v.), who ruled in the West, shared power jointly after the death of their father Theodosius I (q.v.). Arkadios was dull-witted and clearly incompetent to rule alone. Thus, imperial power was exercised through a succession of regents, including Rufinus, Eutropios, Arkadios's wife Eudoxia, and Anthemios (qq.v.). The Germans were a major problem during his reign. Alaric (q.v.) revolted and his Visigoths menaced Greece and Italy (qq.v.). Only after the suppression of Gainas (q.v.) in 400 did the German problem ameliorate in the East. However, the Germans continued to play an important role in the army, from which they could hardly be expelled completely, although this was recommended by the writer Synesios (q.v.). Another influential figure was the fiery Patriarch John Chrysostom (q.v.), who Arkadios exiled on more than one occasion. Arkadios's reign can be viewed as a stage on which more powerful personalities played all the leading roles.

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